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Oracle SQL Developer Tutorial For Beginners – 04 – Connection Troubleshooting

SQL Developer – Connection Troubleshooting

In this video above, we will explore couple of things to check, if we are unable to connect to the Oracle database that we installed in our Windows 10 PC.

Go to “Search the web and Windows’ bar (which was previsouly RUN bar) in your Windows 10. Type REGEDIT, which is REGEDIT to open Registry Editor.

Go to HKEY_LOCAL Machine, SOFTWARE and Oracle.

You should see something similar to KEY_OraDB12Home1. Click that.

On the Right side, you should see the information about the Oracle software install. There verify ORACLE_BASE, ORACLE_HOME and ORACLE_SID.

They should be set properly.

ORACLE_BASE is c:\app\sam, which is correct in my machine. It should be c:\app\ your OS user name.

ORACLE_HOME should be ORACLE_BASE which is c:\app\sam\product\12.1.0\dbhome_1, which is correct in my PC. It should be simillar or wherever you installed in your PC.

ORACLE_SID should match.

Next is open up, Oracle Administration Assistant for Windows. You can find it by going to Start –> All Apps –> Oracle-OraDB12Home1.

Once in there, you should see the Oracle Home. Please use the above video for additional troubleshooting.

You should see OS Database Administrators, Operators and databases. I have two databases installed in my PC. Under OS Database Administrators group, you should see your OS user. In my case, I have logged in as Sam in my PC.

And this would be the OS user that I login and work with the Oracle Database.

In your PC under this OS Database Administrators group, you should see the OS user that you use to login and work with Oracle Database.

If it shows up then you would be able to connect as SYSDBA.

Connect / as SYSDBA

Select name from v$database