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Oracle SQL Developer Tutorial For Beginners – 05 – Client Server Architecture

In this page, let us take a quick look at the overview of Infrastructure Architecture with regard to Database Systems. This would be a very high level overview.

I have a single host computer running Oracle Database. What do I do with it? I can use the tool, SQL*Plus, which is part of the Database Software installation, to manage the database server.

Also I can use it run some adhoc SQLs. But how do I use this entire system for my business?

Oracle SQL - Infrastructure Architecture

I can run a business application such as an Accounting Software on the same box. The accounting software will use the Database as its backend.

Preliminary Client Server Architecture

Oracle Client Server Architecture

This forms a preliminary Client-Server environment. The client is the Accounting Software. The Server is the Database.

But the Database running in the same host computer is not a good idea. The computer could get overloaded as well as, any maintenance activity would cause logistics nightmare. So, the solution?

Real Client-Server Architecture

Oracle Client Server Architecture

Move the Client Software to its own computer.

But how can it talk to the database server?  Install the appropriate Database client software in the Application Host Computer and configure it to talk to the database running on the Database Host Computer.

This ‘Database Client’ software is a small piece of a software which is used by this Accounting Software to interact with the Database. The Accounting Software is the main Client Software here.

Now this is a true Client Server system.

The Client being the Accounting Software using the server, which is the Database installed in an another machine.